Will you sign a poster/book/baubel if Iásend it to you?

Totally! Just please include shipping so Iácan send it back to you. I'll even include a quickie sketch if space allows.

I'm writing a paper on you.á Can you answer some questions?

Yeah I'm totally down to help out. But it depends on how much time Iáhave. It usually takes me a few days to reply. Please read through the PRESS section first. If you don't find the info there then email me. Then bug me til Iáget back to you.

Do you take on tattoo commissions?

Maybe... But serious inquiries only!!!
Look at my work first. Don't ask me to design something that isn't already similar to the subject matter and style you see on my site. Then email me.

Can you design a wedding or birth announcement for us?

Depends on how much money you have. Lots and lots...sounds appealing. I usually turn that type of job down because of the intensity of the bride(zilla). I'm still afraid of the last lady I did a wedding invite for - and she loved it.

Can Iávisit your studio?

Probably not unless you have cash and some form of gift (booze/ladies) for me. I think my studio is kinda boring and I work a lot. So my people skills aren't what they used to be. I'm a loner Dottie...a rebel!

Will you take a look at my portfolio?

In person - The best place is at a convention I'm exhibiting at.
Email - Do not send me jpegs. Build a website first. Blogs and social media pages are bullshit. If you want to be treated like a professional act like one. Then wait a few weeks for a response. Like Iáhave to when Iáhit people up for work.
Mail - No.

Can you hook me up with "X"áband/client?

Oh yes, definitely! Can Iádate your girlfriend (or wife)? You shouldn't ask that of anyone. Iágot my clients the smart way. Iádid a ton of work, showed it to a lot of people and contacted a buttload of bands/ agencies. That got me my clients. Be professional.

Will you do free/spec work... and if we choose your design we'll hire you? Isn't that awesome?